The Oyster range of boats from ACE is incredibly versatile and robust, manufactured from triple walled marine grade Polyethylene plastic – it's boats are almost unsinkable and virtually indestructible. This range is low-maintenance, a scrub brush and soapy water is all you’ll ever need to get the boat looking as ship-shape as possible. The boats are produced 100% colour-fast as the pigment is included within the rotational moulding process.

The boats offer an extremely stable platform that are suitable for many applications from leisure to commercial uses. The inherent stability will give both confidence and safety to both crew and passengers. Some suitable applications for ACE boats include recreational boating, work boats , safety boat for water sports schools, boat hire companies , rescue operations, angling and sport fishing, tenders, electric boating​

TomBuoys is proud to supply the Oyster range of boats from ACE, a UK based company. We love this range because Polyethylene boats are often considered more environmentally-friendly than fiberglass, since they can be 100% recycled.

Available for UK delivery 
TomBuoys also offer a bare boat hire service for the Oyster 480 on a weekly basis for customers who have a
specific project.
Please contact us for a friendly talk for details and to discuss your requirements at sales@tomsmithbuoys.com or or on 01260 701071.