All ACE Canoes are produced using three later sandwich foam technology. The foam core, in addition to the single layers of polyethylene adds insulation, floating and increased stiffness and lightness for improved paddling efficiency.
The ACE range of open canoes are all proven designs as they have been manufacturing the same models for many suppliers in the UK market place and continue to do so today. Their experience in the manufacture of open canoes is second to no one.
Make your canoe individual with a range of enhancements and features designed to make your time on the water even more enjoyable. Options include but are not excluded to, 

Sailing seat adjusted to optimum height 
Kneeling seat
Sailing Thwart
Deep dish Carry Yoke
Airbag strap and tie points both ends
Colour lace for air bags
Handmade Tribal airbags to fit canoe exactly
Laser etch on wood of name or  LOGO
Set of handmade wooden paddles with laser etch of name or logo
Choice of wooden gunwhales and cross beam Ash Walnut Cherry maple  - or choice of 2 .
Choice of Hull colour

Please contact us through or call 01260 701071 to discuss personalisation features for your canoe. We'd love to hear what you've in mind.