Commercial Life Buoys

LifeBuoys and Cabinets


LifeBuoys with cabinets are becoming more and more popular as an effective way to protect LifeBuoys from vandalism and the elements. Manufactured from U.V stabilised polyethylene the Lifebuoy and cabinet will last for many years. Fixing options are; fixed in ground post, surface mounted post, walls and rails.

Tragically, on average, around 400 people drown around the UK every year. Many of these deaths are preventable and we believe more can be done to reduce this loss of life.

LifeBuoys are most commonly used at the following locations:

  • Marinas
  • Rivers
  • Canals
  • Quarries
  • Fisheries
  • Boat yards
  • Nature reserves
  • Lakeside campsites
  • Reservoirs
  • Harbours
  • Lochs

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Cabinet Dimensions:

Suitable for storing both 30inch and 24inch rouch LifeBuoy rings. The cabinet can be supplied with an easy to open hinged cover.

Dimensions (mm) – 850 x 850 x 230

Rope Spec:

30mtr 8mm Braided Floating Heaving Line A 30mtr length of braided orange polyethylene floating safety line c/w plastic hook.

Galvanised Mounting Pole:

Base plate size (mm) 200 x 200