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Floating Dock System


Introducing EZ Dock!

Founded in 1991, EZ Dock is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality modular floating docks, boat and PWC lifts and accessories. Combining strength and stability with lightweight and low maintenance, their patented designs have applications in both the commercial marine and residential markets.

EZ Dock’s floating, modular, composite docks and accessories offer unbeatable adaptability, exceptional performance in rough water, superior strength and durability, virtually no upkeep, universal accessibility and ease of installation.

The patented flotation design and coupling system of EZ Dock provides more stability than traditional floating dock structures which makes it highly suitable for disabled access.

To answer any of your queries or to get a quote, e-mail us at sales@tombuoys.com.

EZ Dock has many uses. To name a few, 

Floating work platforms, Floating docks, Military, Hotels and resorts, Fish farms, Water sports, Floating platforms and play docks, Marinas, Special entertainment areas, bridge applications on the rivers and channels, Sea parks, diving platform, event planning, restaurants and even for 
helicopters landing on the water.
Features and Benefits
Excellent stability on water
Low maintenance
Beige “cool-to-touch” colour
Safe, slip-resistant surface
Strength and flexibility
Convenient dock accessories
Versatile modular design and flexibility
Expandable for future growth
Variety of dock and anchoring options
Custom designs available


EZ Dock floating, modular dock systems are composed of two parts: polyethylene sections and molded rubber couplers. Both components are made of materials that are completely harmless to the environment and can be recycled when the intended use is finished.
To answer any of your queries or to get a quote, e-mail us at sales@tombuoys.com.
Only priced by application.