Pedestrian operated electric power tugs from Multi-Mover: strong, safe, quiet, no emissions and easy to operate

Why Multi-Mover ?
Agile and compact
A wide range of coupling options
Suitable for indoors and outdoors
A wide range of tyre options
Powerful, maintenance-free, standard commercial batteries
Battery saving programme

Adequate counterweight
Individually programmable
2-year warranty, CE and declaration of conformity 
All parts on stock

Powerful electric motor
Differential drive
Engine brake and electromagnetic brake
Continuously adjustable speed to 5 km/h
No driving licence needed
Virtually maintenance-free

Easy Charging

The batteries can be charged in 3 to 5 hours with the included charger from any electrical socket.

Electric Tow Tugs

The Multi-Mover enables you to move your trailer over a flat or even a slightly sloping surface.
Due to the specially designed tyres and drive via a differential all Multi-Movers electric tugs can be used on both hard and soft surfaces.

Our maintenance-free motors are highly functional and effective. Forceful acceleration, excellent brakes and fast switching between forward and reverse. You do not need a driver's license to use a Multi-Mover. 

Easy To Charge

Charge through the supplied charger from a power outlet. The charger is protected from overloading and is quiet and efficient.

Asset Finance Available Are you a company looking to maintain cashflow while purchasing single machines or fleets?

PRICES START approximately from £3000, The applications these tugs are put to are all unique purely dependant upon customer requirements, this combinations of options are comprehensive including Tires, wheels, hitches, motors, axels and attachments. 

Full service packages are available with different levels, the warranty is 2 years from delivery and handover. 

Require Advice or would like to receive further details or a demonstration? Contact us today!

Due to the high level of customisation based purely upon customer requirements, we please ask you contact us about getting your Multi-Mover today!

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