Pontoon Cube System

P&D³'s cube system of floating pontoons offers versatility and ease of use. This is a budget pontoon and would be suitable in the following applications:

Marinas / Jetties
Drive On Docks
Floating Work Platforms
Aquatic Stages For Water Shows
Floating Bridges
Net Cages For Aquaculture
Swimming Pool / Swimming Areas
Floating Walkways
Bathers / Play Rafts
Floating Bars / Coffee Shops
Motorized Barges
Flotation Anchored Raft Islands
Water Boundary Markers
Enclosures & Separators
Life Guard Platforms
Jet Ski Docks
Pedestrian Access


Safe: with patterns on the top surface and no sharp corners, P&D³'s floating pontoon is free from the dangers of slippery surfaces.
Economical: maintenance-free and low upkeep costs.
Convenient and simple to construct: can be easily and quickly installed and dismantled.
Versatile: one connecting pin holds four modules together, meaning any size or shape can be configured on the water quickly and easily.
Durable: resistant to UV rays, frost, seawater, corrosion, chemicals and oil.
Strong: each float’s tensile strength is over 1950kg approved by the official authorities, test speed is 50mm/min.
Recyclable: HDPE material, 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly.

The P&D³'s cube system of floating pontoons has a wealth of optional accessories, giving the system further flexibility and adaptability. 

For any questions or queries, or to get a quote e-mail us at sales@tombuoys.com with the details of your application. We would love to be able to help you!

Only priced by application.