Soft Mooring Buoy

Available as a through chain buoy, our mooring buoy range  includes a soft mooring buoy (MB1S and MB2S) that offer s a tough, long lasting, cost effective solution to most mooring requirements. The MB1S and MB2S soft mooring buoys have been developed for swinging moorings. The outer PVC skin offers excellent boat friendly protection from the mooring buoy, whilst the buoy’s top recess helps prevent shackle damage to the moored craft. The MB1S and MB2S buoys are also suitable for most other mooring situations such as trot and fore and aft, moorings.

These mooring buoys are manufactured from rotationally moulded UV stabilised PVC. The PVC outer surface offers excellent protection against the hull of the boat, especially important in wind over tide situations. The foam filling makes the buoy virtually unsinkable in the event of damage. Its low energy surface reduces marine growth significantly which helps keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

Each buoy is foam filled using marine grade polyurethane foam with a density of 36kg/m3.

For identification and notices to mariners, irremovable personalised lettering can be moulded into the buoy during manufacture. The soft mooring buoys are available as through chain.

The replaceable central steel tube takes up to19mm chain either, short, medium or long link.