Solar LED Buoys


Introducing SolarBuoy!
Compact solar powered lake marker buoys. 

Extend operator time on your lake, these marker buoys are available in white or colours.

The most frequently asked questions are “Where are the electrical connections of the products?” and “Where do we put the solar panels?”. The answer is very simple. The entire system is contained within each product. No extra connections or applications are needed. Simply lay out in the water as normal area marking buoys. 

Perfect for enhanced effect on water, swim areas, object marking, lane marking ......endless applications.

 In the daytime they store the solar energy with their interior electronic circuit; the energy that is stored in the daytime converts into alternating current (AC)  at dusk to be delivered in the desired color. Therefore, all you have to do is to decide the color of the product you want to buy and to place the product in the area you want to use. You do not have to do anything other than that. The system is running automatically, maintenance free.

Each buoy is 600 x 200mm 

2 Year warranty.