Skulle Fender

TomBuoys Novelty Ranges

HydraFender offers the coolest new boat fender in the industry with the Skull Boat Fender line. Available in many awesome colors, the Skull Boat Fenders are like nothing else out on the water.

Inspired by our love of wakeboarding and boating, these custom boat fenders are designed to provide your favorite toy with all the protection it needs. Our Skull Boat Fenders are made of quality, long-lasting material that will last for years and years. Combining incredible softness for maximum cushioning with superior strength and durability, these Skull Boat Fenders are only available from HydraFenders.

Make a statement with these incredible Custom Boat Fenders. Be the talk of the docks, the buzz of the bay… the master of the ocean! Everyone will be talking about your eye-catching boat fenders—just be prepared to get lots of attention with these unique beauties.