Zone Marker Buoys

Inflatable Markers

TomBuoys Ltd  range of inflatable markers are available in seven standard colours and 13 sizes. The main features of these markers are its strength and the heavy duty PVC rope eye which was designed for the Norwegian fishing industry, and is of a size to suit shackles without modification. The inflation valve is simple and effective and allows easy inflation and deflation, and is sealed with a plastic screw, which has a coarse thread which is impossible to cross thread or over-tighten.

Manufactured from a UV stabilised marine grade PVC,  inflatable markers will not degrade and become brittle or tacky. For specialised applications, the inflatable range can be pressure-filled using marine grade polyurethane foam to a density of 36kg/m3 making them virtually unsinkable.

Irremovable lettering and numbering can be moulded into the markers at the time of manufacture, making them a cost effective, low maintenance zone marking float.

Rigid Markers

The range of rigid markers is used for sea, river, canal estuary and harbour safety. It is used widely for speed indication, control of craft, separation of functional use areas such as jet-ski, boating, local hazards and protected areas.

Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene,  rigid zone markers provide excellent impact resistance. Its low energy surface reduces marine growth significantly, helping keep maintenance to a minimum. The zone marker buoys are pressure filled using marine grade polyurethane foam, to a density of 36kg/m3. Lettering is either moulded into the NN30 and CM1100 during manufacture or CNC engraved onto both sides of the UV stable, low-maintenance high density polyethylene sign of the ZM120 and ZM200. The design can be specified by you. Examples include:  8 KNOTS • JET SKI AREA• NO SWIMMING • NO DIVING • DANGER WEIR • UNDERWATER OBSTRUCTION • NO MOORING