About TomBuoys

TomBuoys Ltd was founded in 1980 by Tom Smith to fill a need for high quality slalom buoys for water ski competitions. Our buoys have travelled the globe and have been widely used in World and European water ski Championships as well as in Masters, National, Regional and Club completions world-wide.
Peter Anglade-Colson bought TomBuoys Ltd in 2011, who moved the company from base in Congleton to Ely.
The company is primarily an online retailer and TomBuoys Ltd is still a prime supplier of boat fenders and buoys and is expanding its range of products to include a diverse range of solutions for boat hull protection.

We believe in supporting British industry and where possible, We sell British manufactured items including DockyDock and Sonihull antifouling.

TomBuoys Ltd is in a pre-eminent position, one of a handful of specialists, in the world selling  high quality rotational moulding of both polyethylene and PVC specifically for the marine industry, Quality is both the foundation for the business as well as our trademark which ensures we supply products that exceed customer expectations.