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Innovative products and services for water access and obstacle race courses.

EZ Dock - Floating Dock System


Floating Docks

Founded in 1991, EZ Dock is the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality modular floating docks, boat and PWC lifts and accessories. Combining strength and stability with lightweight and low maintenance, their patented designs have applications in both the commercial marine and residential markets.

EZ Dock’s floating, modular, composite docks and accessories offer unbeatable adaptability, exceptional performance in rough water, superior strength and durability, virtually no upkeep, universal accessibility and ease of installation.

The patented flotation design and coupling system of EZ Dock provides more stability than traditional floating dock structures which makes it highly suitable for disabled access.


  • Floating work platforms                                                             
  • Floating docks
  • Military
  • Hotels and resorts
  • Fish farms
  • Water sports
  • Floating platforms and play docks
  • Dock systems
  • Marinas
  • Special entertainment areas
  • Bridge applications on the rivers, channels
  • Sea parks
  • Helicopters landing on the water...... oh yes 
  • Diving platform
  • Event planning
  • Restaurants

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent stability on water
  • Low maintenance
  • Beige “cool-to-touch” colour
  • Safe, slip-resistant surface
  • Strength and flexibility
  • Convenient dock accessories
  • Versatile modular design and flexibility
  • Expandable for future growth
  • Variety of dock and anchoring options
  • Custom designs available


EZ Dock floating, modular dock systems are composed of two parts: polyethylene sections and molded rubber couplers. Both components are made of materials that are completely harmless to the environment and can be recycled when the intended use is finished.

Getting Started 


EZ Dock temporary docks offer:

  • Quality. Many businesses trust EZ Dock when they need platforms and docks. The reason is simple: EZ Dock was founded by water enthusiasts more than 26 years ago, and our record speaks for itself. We are the leader in modular floating docks and we have helped homeowners and businesses enjoy quality docks for a variety of uses.
  • Ease of use. EZ Dock temporary docks feel sturdy, making it easier for guests to walk. They accommodate varying water levels, allowing easy access to the water.
  • Easy assembly. Temporary docks shouldn’t take ages to set up. EZ Dock temporary docks are lightweight and portable, so they can be stored easily when not in use and hauled to the water as needed. Setting them up is simple and doesn’t require specialists or a big crew. You can focus on your special event — not on the dock.
  • Strength. Expecting a large crowd? Contact EZ Dock to discuss customization options which can help you handle lots of people. EZ Dock designs platforms for heavy industrial equipment and other uses, so we know how to build docks tough.
  • Safety. Every EZ Dock product is designed with safety in mind. Slip-resistant surfaces are molded right into the dock, helping to ensure that guests can walk over the dock with less risk of slips and falls. Grooves on the docks ensure water flows off and does not pose a hazard. Unlike wood docks, with EZ Dock you won’t have to worry about rotten planks, splinters or nails.
  • Durability. The first dock EZ Dock installed more than 26 years ago is still going strong. Our docks are designed to last, so you get value for your money and can enjoy many special events with your temporary dock.

When performance counts, customers choose EZ Dock. The military, parks and recreational areas, exclusive homes, and other clients have all turned to EZ Dock when they have wanted quality products with exceptional customer service. Our durable docks, safe platforms and accessories, sturdy gangways and environmentally-responsibleproducts last year after year, and look great with any waterfront. If you’re ready to learn more about how our temporary (or permanent!) docks can work for you, contact EZ Dock today.

Why Choose Us?

> TomBuoys Ltd is an online supplier of innovative marine brands that offer a better boating experience for both the leisure and commercial customer. . If you do not see exactly what you need, please get in contact as we will source it for you if possible.

We welcome enquires from the marine industry, clubs and organisations as well as private individuals. We cater from a single fender or buoy to any size project based in the UK or worldwide.

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