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Ezi Buoy

Ezi Buoy
Ezi Buoy
Ezi Buoy
Ezi Buoy
Ezi Buoy
Product Code: Ezi Buoy



A low cost, “game-changing” solution for simple, stress-free mooring.

Suitable for all boats up to 55 feet long

Easy, safer, intelligent boat mooring with EziBuoy…The worlds first magnetic mooring system

No matter what level of boating skills you possess, there are always times when you are faced with unfamiliarity or environmental factors such as wind, current, and unforeseen situations as in crowded bays or even swimmers.  Mooring a boat can be a hazardous exercise. Ezibuoy a magnetic mooring device can simplify the process, allowing the retrieval of your mooring rope easier for ALL.

Designed by Phil Golding who had a desire to find a better, less stressful way to moor and pen a boat that met strict Australian regulations, EziBuoy makes things easier for ALL and It can be used by even the most inexperienced person on board, leaving the skipper time to approach the bow and safely attach the main mooring pe.

Here’s how the unique Ezibuoy can make your boating experience better, safer and easier…

  • Easy fitting to your existing mooring rope with a counterweight that prevents it moving away from the buoy
  • Lightweight, compact and robust designed to withstand all weathers for longevity.
  • Three universal inserts that attach to the handle of any existing boat hook pole, the magnetic retrieval fitting then clips on
  • Uses a strong, rust-proof, magnetic retrieval system that can be connected from any direction
  • The magnetic top section of Ezibuoy is luminous, this glow in the dark feature makes mooring easier in low light conditions
  • Easy to clean when brought on board.
  • Makes the process of mooring quicker and simpler, for the experienced OR inexperienced, even in rough weather.

Cost-friendly, simple and effective, the EziBuoy saves time and effort and helps avoid docking damage and embarrassment.

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