Foam Filled Buoys & Fenders

All buoys are filled using closed–cell polyurethane foam

Foams are made up of a mass of air bubbles and are classified as open-cell or closed- cell.

In open-cell foam the individual cells are interconnected, whereas in closed-cell foam each cell is completely enclosed by a thin membrane of plastic and are packed close together and will not compress or settle over time.

Foam filled
For specialised applications,  our commercial  range of buoys and fenders can be pressure filled using marine grade polyurethane foam, to a density of 36kg per cubic metre.

Key Benefits

  • Increased wall strength in the event of impact
  • Excellent buoyancy characteristics due to each cell acting as an individual float.
  • Acts as a water restrictive barrier preventing the buoy acting like a sponge
  • The buoy when punctured or waterlogged will stay afloat.
  • Lightweight