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Outdoor Event Solutions

Innovative products and services for water access and obstacle race courses.

Inflatable Buoys & Race Arches



With a Smashing Start and Fantastic Finish!

Nothing quite beats the buzz of finishing a race and smashing through the finish line.

Whether your event is large or small, Race Arches UK can help you add to the atmosphere and deliver the start and finish line you’re missing.

  • From Start Lines to Event Branding!
  • Custom Made Inflatable structures to kick your Race off with a Bang!
  • No idea is too big or too crazy – if you can Dream it, we can Create it!

We care about your event and getting it right for each and every customer.

We’ve got the know-how, The Experience, and the Passion for Events just like yours.

You Cant Buy Passion!!   - We have it 100% for each and every customer.

We help you get it right first time,  We are not another boring manufacturer or distributor keen to bash out another order, take your money and run, we are here for YOU - for LIFE!

We listen to your ideas, come up with designs, and focus on your event.

No obligation, just good honest designs from a company you can TRUST.

We are here to make your event a success! When you succeed, so do we!


Get your Brand at The Start and The Finish

Do you spend a lot of time and money advertising with little or no return? Do you want to reach your target market with little or no effort?

If YES.... This marketing idea is for YOU!

When you see a race reported on the net or in a newspaper, what's the most common item photographed? The Start or the Finish line.

Inflatable arches offer a unique way to capture the interest of photographers through unusual shapes and vibrant colours.

This is something no metal gantry or ordinary banner can do.

Our inflatable starting lines with branded sponsor banners will be highly likely to also gain press coverage at the event. Now that's something worth paying for.

If your customers are: Runners, Cyclists, Triathletes, or Anybody who enters a race with a START or a FINISH line, This is the easiest way of advertising and Marketing to your target market all in one place at the same time.

We can get your Name and Brand in front of your target customer at The START and the FINISH line of events.

We can produce an Inflatable arch branded to your specification and size.

We offer a FREE design of an Inflatable Arch with your Company / brand message - with No Obligation.

If you like the design, place the Order.

You will receive your Stunning Arch in 3 to 4 weeks.


You loan your branded arch to local clubs - cycling clubs, running clubs, Tri clubs, schools, charities etc....anyone who needs a START / FINISH line.

You want to loan it to the clubs where the people who are entering the race are your target market. BINGO!!!

Your brand is visible at the two main points of the event, the START and the FINISH line where someone will be taking photos where your brand will be taking centre stage!

You have got all your potential customers in one place looking at your brand.

Purchasing an arch from TomBuoys  and using it in this form of Advertising and Marketing is much cheaper than placing a newspaper / magazine advert and it can be used over and over again at different events year after year.


These are the most commonly asked Questions & Answers we get asked about... 


  • What is the lead time on a custom made Inflatable Arch? Usually 4 weeks, but sometimes we can do it quicker - Just Ask

  • Does the colour effect the price?On our standard range of arches, no all the colours are the same price, the only difference is if you wanted say a Rainbow coloured arch or chequer effect arch - this will increase the price depending on the design. Fully Digitally printed arches will incur a price increase depending on design.

  • Does the shape effect the price?No - Square angle, Square or Curved arches are all the same price.

  • What is included in the price of an arch?With all arch orders you will get your chosen Inflatable arch, Blower printing across the top of the arch front & back, 4 tether lines.

  • Im doing a race in the middle of a field and I have no electric, can I still inflate my arch?if you choose a standard constant air arch it needs power to keep it inflated. We also make sealed arches, and once they are inflated using an electric air pump they will stay inflated for days.

  • What Generator do I need to power the arch blower?Our arch blowers are between 550 watts to 750 watts - we advise that you need at least 3 times the power of the appliance when using a generator. So a minimum of a 1kva - but makes and models of generators vary.

  • How do I anchor the arch to the ground?All of our inflatable arches come with 4 tether lines, these need to be secured with either sandbags. weights or pegged into soft ground using strong pegs. ( we can supply these at extra fee) Also at the bottom of each leg there are 3 anchor points to secure the leg to the ground. Also each leg has a zip so a sandbag can be inserted for extra anchorage on hard surfaces.

  • Can I change logos on my arch in the future?If you know that you will need to change your banners/logos for next year or a different race, we advise that when we make your order that the logos are made removable with velcro, instead of sewn or printed directly to the arch. As we cannot remove sewn on or printed logos at a later stage.

  • Does the arch come with a Guarantee?Yes all of our products come with 12 months Guarantee on any faulty manufacture or stitching of the seams and the electrical blowers/air pumps have 12 month warranty. 

  • When is payment required?We require 50% of your invoice when you place the order so we can start manufacture and then the balance is due 7 days before delivery. You will be emailed photos of your finished design prior to despatch.

  • Can you design an inflatable for me?Yes we offer a complimentary design service on all of our products - please fill in the form on the website.

  • What format do i have to give my logo to you?we need your logo in either AI, EPS or PDF format high resolution.

  • What if I only had a jpeg of my logo?please send your logo to us and we can have a look at the quality of it and it may be possible for us to re create your logo.

  • I have an idea for an inflatable, will you be able to make this for me?Yes just send a drawing over to us and we can advise from their with no obligation or fee.

  • How long can Inflatable buoys be left outside on the water?Buoys are air sealed units, they can stay inflated for days depending on weather conditions - when its cold the air detracts so they will go down slightly and on the reverse when its hot they will expand, so we advise not to leave out for long periods of time in hot hot weather. (they are ok for 1 days use but not days on end in hot weather)

  • I am based in Europe, can you ship my products to me?yes we can ship anywhere where in the world, price depending on the products which are ordered.

A range of different types of  competitive water race marks, if you cant see what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us we would be delighted to assist you with your project. 01260 701071 

Our race marks are used within jet, water ski and sailing clubs worldwide.

Designed and manufactured in the UK our range of buoys and  marks will suit most requirements.  The range includes foam-filled rigid markers, ideal for shallow and deep water applications offering high visibility, excellent resistance to impact and the elements, and air filled markers providing protection to skiers and fast moving yachts and dinghies.

Why Choose Us?

> TomBuoys Ltd is an online supplier of innovative marine brands that offer a better boating experience for both the leisure and commercial customer. . If you do not see exactly what you need, please get in contact as we will source it for you if possible.

We welcome enquires from the marine industry, clubs and organisations as well as private individuals. We cater from a single fender or buoy to any size project based in the UK or worldwide.

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