Information & Advice on Ski Courses

Advice On Buoy Colours for Tournament Skiing

If your new course is to be used for competitions,  your homologator will be looking at the colour of your buoys, as well as everything else. Everybody seems to have a different idea of what colours should be used. As a major supplier of buoys to competitions in UK and World wide we have decided to produce this guide with the help of world class homologator Nigel Talamo and the IWSF rule book (ref 14.06).

Slalom Course:

Skier turn buoys and entrance gate buoys should be Red, though Orange is a popular colour. Under the rules you may also go for a fluorescent yellow. 

Boat lane should be Yellow or White.

Pre gates must be Green.
A total of 10x Red or Orange, 12x Yellow or White and 4x Green are required.

Yellow & White can be interchange to provide a colour contrast in the prevailing light and water colour situation.

Jump Course:

The Boat lane has many colours: ST and ET are Red, MT & EC are Yellow and NT Green for NT.

For the skier the 210 meter is Green while the 180 is Red and the 150 is Yellow.

For jump measurement: normally about 8 smaller buoys depending on the system used, our smaller 7' marker buoys are perfect for this and they are available with plenty of colour choice.

A total of 5x Red, 5x Yellow, 3x Green and about 8 marker buoys.

Trick Course

This changed in 2008. There is no specified colour, but generally Red gates are specified. The 50m pre-gates may be normal size turn buoys or a larger size of 18”-22” diameter. A Green turn buoy is also specified.

A total of 4x Red, 2 Yellows and 1x Green are required.

​​​​​​​Boat Turn Buoys

The boat turn buoys at the ends of the course should be Green, may be normal size turn buoys or a larger size.